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Enjoy one-on-one extended coaching sessions and as appropriate, explore collaborative business opportunities to leverage the most out of putting your bank’s products to work by making small changes in the way you manage your cash to without changing your current spending, avoid future interest payments and make additional principal payments. The impact will be greater than anything you’ve seen before. The applications of using this strategy is broad. We’ll review your current cash management, priorities and recommend changes necessary to preserve your cash, identify interest saving opportunities and update  your cashflow management strategy. You’ll then move to identifying the line of credit that best fits your needs and simulate your line of credit using CashMap’s proprietary tool, ‘Create Your Own Line of Credit Scenario’. This will enable you to know with confidence of achieving your desired outcome be prepared to go ‘live’. With your plan, you can then review and identify new revenue or expense reduction opportunities. With each change, your CashMap will immediately show you the short and long term impact on your plan. You can confidently keep more, save more, and confidently achieve what’s most important to you. Consulting packages are for three, six and one year consulting engagements.

We’ll also use this opportunity to explore collaborative opportunities to work together to extend this transformative strategy to your clients.

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