Dennis Williams, Jr. MBA

Dennis Williams, Jr. MBA

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I too was intrigued with the idea that we can use our bank's products for a minimal cost make large principal payments and avoid future interest payments. It's possible by using our Average Daily Balance to our benefit. We simply put our income to work and change the dates we pay our bills.    


The best part is this strategy isn't limited to paying off credit cards, mortgage, home equity loans and student loans. You can also use it to accelerate funding of index universal life and whole life policies, boost the equity in home, commercial real estate investments and other investment opportunities


It's all about opening a door to new opportunities that you probably thought would take longer to achieve. Whether it's to strengthen you personal, company or your client's finances, this is a strategy you'll use repeatedly and will pass on to your kids and professional colleagues.  


I'm 98 percent sure I can be of help. Let's meet, get to know each other and explore the opportunities. We can then determine our next steps.


“The impact of CashMap has been transformational. Dennis is a great coach, transparent and, funny. Seeing that we can simply, repeatedly and, easily achieve what’s most important to us created a savings mentality that we didn’t think was possible. We’re on track to pay off our mortgage and all our debts in just 12 years and we’ll save over $250,000. The value of what we’ve learned is far greater than the cost of the course.

Ray and Joanna Jackson

Honolulu, Hawaii

Here's a bit of a heads up about what will happen when we meet. 

I'll start by sharing user cases that willl provide transparency to why optimizing your average daily balance creates such powerful results. We'll then shift to you sharing your current situation, your priorities and your cash management strategy. We'll touch on reviewing possible solutions and if appropriate, explore business synergies that will be mutually beneficial. We can even create a quick and dirty personalized CashMap® Blueprint and begin planning how we'll develop our business opportunity.  


I also understand that you're probably looking for a one-on-one solution and may have staff that assist you. We can discuss how they can efficiently fit into the picture.

With the information you provide, I'll be outline the process enabling you to create your personalized CashMap® Blueprint to create the solution. 


And at this point, I’ll know if 'The Effortless Financial Freedom VIP Client' (in some form or another) will fit for your needs.  If this isn't a good fit, I’ll do my best to direct you to the right solution that will fit your needs. 


The investment for working with me to assist and guide you in creating, implementing and monitoring your personalized CashMap® Blueprint system will range from US $4,495 per month for a twelve month engagement, US $9,000 per month for three months and for business solutions, based on the scope of work, I'll provide a quote. 


Here's what I need from you before you book a time to chat. 

Come with an open mind and an unwavering committment to act. Making improvements in any area of our lives requires a positive mindset. Most importantly, financial decisions require a commitment to do things differently than what you have done in the past. 


An extended engagement provides the greatest support enabling you and your staff to create and feel comfortable with a new routine process in managing your cash and your financial picture.


Finally, whatever conclusion we come to at the end of our chat, I want you to feel excited and confident about your future.   So please read the following statements and click on the check boxes to confirm that your expectations are in line with what will happen on our call.


The Three Agreements

  • Yes, I understand that the primary reasons for meeting with Dennis will be to figure out if there is a fit between the way I manage my money and what he offers. It is therefore not a free coaching session but neither is it a sales trap.
  • I confirm that if Dennis and I agree that collaborating and working together is a good idea, I'm ready to start in the next few weeks. Otherwise, it's best to book a time to chat when I'm ready to start.
  • I am aware that Dennis' program is prices outlined above.   I agree that becoming a  'The Effortless Financial Freedome VIP Client' fits my needs, I can afford the minimum fee.

What are YOU saving for?

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It’s not magic. There’s no hidden catch. Use your bank’s money, not your hard-earned savings, to safely save more money and pay down more debt. Our clients have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars with this simple principle. Learn how it works with our FREE ebook Managing Your Lazy Dollars.