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A simple, novel way of managing money

It’s not magic. There’s no hidden catch. Use your bank’s money, not your hard-earned savings, to safely save more money and pay down more debt. Our clients have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars with this simple principle. Learn how it works with our FREE ebook Managing Your Lazy Dollars.

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    Use your bank’s money via your line of credit to retire debt. Start by making a large additional loan payment. This accelerates your loan’s amortization schedule saving you thousands of dollars in interest.

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    Based on the money you expect to have after you pay your bills (your positive cash flow), CashMap’s tools and app provides you with optimal personalized withdrawal amounts for your additional loan payments.

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    When you get paid, deposit your income into your line of credit. The bank calls this a loan payment and it dramatically minimizes your interest costs.

CashMap guides you effortlessly through this simple, trusted process!

“This app will save you thousands of dollars in the near future. I refinanced my home, and six months later I am already 40 months into my new mortgage saving more than $35,000.”

– Alain S.

“By using the CashMap system I can borrow the bank’s money for very little interest, and pay down my mortgage in half the time. My income and spending doesn’t have to change. And I continue to save money for retirement and other goals. It takes a bit of mental work to see why the system works, but it does work!”

– Melvin D.

Shop for a Line of Credit

These FREE resources help you to quickly find the best line of credit to harness the power of CashMap’s strategy. We’ll tell you exactly what to ask, how to answer your bank’s questions, and the features you need to look for.

Shopping for a Line of Credit


    Line of Credit Comparisons + Checklist


      Create Your Own
      Line of Credit Scenario

      See first-hand the dollars you could save! This interactive tool gives you the power to create your own numbers, play with the options, show you your savings and gives you a picture of your line of credit over the first twelve months. You’ll see how much you’ll save, and be given a schedule to follow for payments and more.

      Create Your Own Line of Credit Scenario
      Manual + Interactive Excel spreadsheet
      Monthly $15 Subscription

      $35.00 on the 1st of each monthSign up now

      CashMap Pro App

      The CashMap Pro app harnesses proven strategies to create your personalized financial roadmap for the next five years. Generate a simple step-by-step plan to maximize your savings, refinance your mortgage and pay off your loans faster than before. Try it risk-free for 14 days and reclaim your finances today!

      CashMap Pro App
      for iOS and Android

      Supplementary Products

      The Create Your Line of Credit Scenario interactive spreadsheet and the CashMap app are our cornerstone products to help you find financial freedom. To help you on your journey, we also offer a suite of tools and resources to build your wealth and reduce your debt.

      • These Are My Dreams Calculator

        • Set your future self up for success and take the guesswork out of budgeting. Pick a specific financial goal, then use this calculator to quickly project your goal’s future cost and determine how much you need to save every month to achieve your goal.
        • FREE!

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      • Loan/Credit Card Payoff Template

        • Do you have several credit cards or loans that you want to pay off? Enter in your loan or credit card details, including your monthly payments, and this tool will instantly tell you which loan to pay off first to save the most money on interest fees.
        • $10

      $10.00Read more

      • Working Your Lazy Dollars Full eBook

        • The complete guide to the philosophy and strategies of CashMap. This 100-page ebook dives deeper than the free ebook, and includes practical action steps to harness this new money mindset.
        • $9.99

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      • Hidden Gems Book

        • Explore a new perspective of seeing God, His faithfulness and His promises. This shift will enable the Holy Spirit to create in your heart a renewed spirit of discovery, compassion and service. You’ll want to discover more of God’s promises, to share your own joyful journey of God’s faithfulness, and to experience a new excitement for service.
        • eBook $3.99
          Softcover $19.99
          Hardcover $35.99

      • Financial Bootcamp and Consulting

        • All of our interactive tools are easy to use, but sometimes you need personalized one-on-one guidance. Enroll in our financial bootcamps to sit down with our consultants for a money makeover. Whether it’s paying off a student loan or paying down a second mortgage, our experts have saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars. They can help you too.

      One-on-One Personalized Coaching

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      Consulting – 3-Hour Bootcamp

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      The CashMap Blueprint

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      Free tools

      CashMap Introduction

      Creating Your Journey

      List Your Dreams Worksheet