Are you able to retire early, pay off your loans, or tick items off your lifetime bucket list?

Learn to use your bank’s products to build wealth – without changing your spending.  The CashMap® Blueprint course will teach you how by just changing the dates you pay bills you can pay off debt in less than half the time, boost your credit score quickly and grow your money. This is a simple and safe money management strategy you’ll want to use the rest of your life.  Dennis Williams, CashMap’s founder and former CFO is transparent. You’ll understand why this strategy works.

If you’ve always wanted to keep your dollars working for you 24/7, this course is for you. We guarantee you’ll save at least $9,000 in interest in the first 12 months.

Next Course Launch: April 22, 2024

Save more than you ever thought possible. Seating is limited – register today!

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Attend a free webinar and learn how to use your Average Daily Balance in your bank’s products pay off any debt quickly, shift the dollars you would pay in interest to principal, quickly boost your credit score and save more faster.

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You’ll develop a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) mindset enabling you to stay focused and keep your money working for you. You learn how quickly pay off any debt, build your investment returns, and confidently plan and achieving your most important life milestones.

Are you able to retire early, pay off your loans, or tick items off your lifetime bucket list?

You never thought you could use bank products to build wealth.  The CashMap® Blueprint course teaches you how to use bank products and the average daily balance to avoid paying interest and make bigger principal payments without touching your savings. Dennis Williams, CashMap’s founder is transparent. You’ll see exactly why this strategy is so powerful, simple and safe. You’ll want to share it with the rest of your family.

If you’ve always wanted to do more with your money without spending more money, this course is for you. It will transform your life!!

Next Course Launch: April 22,2024

Learn how you can save more than you ever thought possible. Seating is limited – register today!

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In this foundational course,
you’ll discover the secrets to:

Use Your Bank’s Products
It really is possible to use them to build wealth!

Think Like a Top Money Manager
Quickly see results and confidently plan your future!

Use Your Bank’s Strategy
Using your Average Daily Balance will save you thousands!

Next Course Launch:
April 22, 2024

Monday | TBD PST

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It’s time you learned the strategy banks use.

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Discover how to harness the power of your Average Daily Balance.

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Course Overview
What you’ll learn

1. Introduction to CashMap & Course Objectives

• Clarity & Simplicity – (Personal Inventory & Accountability)
• Tools to Leverage –
• Risk Tolerance – debt vs equity investment
• Impact of Low Interest Environment

2. Creating Your Paradigm Shift

• Visualizing What’s Possible – These Are My Dreams
• Identifying Your Biggest Enemy – Managing Multiple Priorities by Impact
• Power of Compounding and seeing the future impact of current spending
• Identifying, pricing, prioritizing and saving for your most important goals

3. Uncovering the Narrative Bank’s Don’t Share

• Reviewing the Bank’s Narrative
• Review of Key Terms: Positive Cash Flow, Amortization Schedule, Daily Interest Charge, Average Daily Balance, Billing Cycle
• Understanding the benefits of using a Line of Credit and reviewing key features.
• Why you can still get amazing results even with a high interest rate.
• Minimizing the risks of using a Line of Credit

4. Shopping and Setting Up Your Line of Credit to Meet Your Needs;

• Reviewing the New Time Saving Process that Put’s Your Lazy Dollars to Work
• Setting up your Line of Credit – knowing the right questions to ask;
• Using your Line of Credit’s Billing Cycle to your benefit
• Evaluating mortgage pre-penalty periods – don’t just focus on the rate!
• Discovering if your credit card is structured for YOUR benefit.
• I’ll NEVER use a debit card.

5. What Debt to Attack First

• What debts or credit cards to pay off first;
• Testing out scenarios using CashMap Pro – Motivational
• Seeing the Detail Using ‘Create Your Own Line of Credit Scenario
• Using CashMap Pro’s Refinance Your Mortgage Scenario

6. Future Considerations

• Making adjustments as your financial picture changes
• Joining the Facebook Financial Empowerment Group
• Accessing ongoing Q&A Calls with Dennis

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April 22, 2024

Monday | 1:00 pm PST

If we only visualize our dreams, they will fade;
If we only talk about our dreams, we will regret it;
Only by planning and executing do we realize our dreams.
dennis williams

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It’s not magic. There’s no hidden catch. Use your bank’s money, not your hard-earned savings, to safely save more money and pay down more debt. Our clients have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars with this simple principle. Learn how it works with our FREE ebook Managing Your Lazy Dollars.