Technological advances are happening at a dizzying pace. It’s given us the opportunity to live longer, enjoy more free time and increase our productivity. Yet, we struggle to manage these changes. We struggle to build deeper relationships, more satisfying careers and maintain our health.

Instead of life becoming simpler, it has become more complex.

For those of us who believe in a loving Heavenly Father, we are faced with questions such as:

  • Where does God fit into this picture?
  • What’s His relevance?
  • How do our lives compare with unbelievers’ lives?
  • Are our marriages and relationships with our children happier and stronger?
  • Are we more financially secure?
  • Are we more confident in our life journeys?
  • Are we happier?

In the book of Deuteronomy, God gave Moses a promise that’s been often overlooked. It’s a promise that can bring renewed purpose and faith to your life.

Dennis Williams, the creator of the CashMap (a suite of tools for financial freedom), invites you to discover these hidden gems. He brings Deuteronomy alive. You’ll rediscover God’s love and His faithfulness.

As you discover and apply these hidden gems, they will transform, strengthen and give you renewed hope that will impact every aspect of your life.

“Hidden Gems provides a practical and inspiring view of why and how to trust God. Using scripture, it provides a view of God that will transform our concept of duty enabling us to serve the Lord with heartfelt joy. The author demonstrates God’s faithfulness in his own life by sprinkling his personal story throughout the book. Not only was Hidden Gems well worth my time to read, I recommend that all our members read this book. There are few books like it.”

Mark Johnson, President
Canadian Union of Seventh-day Adventists

Pick up a copy of Hidden Gems and discover God’s message to you today!

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“He will be like a tree planted by the waterside. Without care in a year of drought, it does not fail to bear fruit.”

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