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Loans and credit card payment options provide us with limited flexibility. We’re always left paying too much interest. It’s frustrating we’re left thinking we have no choices. We’re here to share an easy and flexible solution that creates amazing results.

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Too many people’s hard-earned dollars are adding to their bank’s wealth instead of building their financial freedom. CashMap helps you create an easy to use plan that builds financial independence.

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Choosing a Line of Credit to Help You Save More


    Line of Credit Comparisons + Checklist

      The Secret Sauce Banks Don’t Share

      A line of credit is a great wealth-building tool. Make a withdrawal from your line of credit and use it as an additional loan payment to the debt you want to pay off. You’re not increasing your debt.

      Here are two simple steps to dramatically lower the interest you pay on your line of credit:

      First, schedule to pay your bills on the last day of your line of credit's billing cycle, and second, instead of leaving your dollars sitting idle until you pay your bills, move your income immediately to your line of credit.

      Second, when it's time to pay your bills, move the money you need back to your checking account. While your money sits in your line of credit, you will be dramatically lowering the amount of interest that you pay. Less interest paid means additional dollars available to pay off your loan.

      Use this strategy for any debt: student loans, mortgages, car loans and, credit cards.

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      Create Your Own Line of Credit Scenario

      This interactive tool gives you the power to use your own numbers over a 12 month period, create your line-of-credit scenario, and see in detail how your savings are calculated.


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