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“Dennis Williams has created what I call the Ph.D of savings. Nowhere in my 70+ hours of graduate accounting and finance courses was average daily balance management discussed. It’s too bad, because average daily balance management is much more useful than many of my courses.”

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How CashMap Came to Be

While managing a small mortgage company near Seattle Washington, an account manager from an Australian bank dropped by to train the company’s loan officers. He started by asking, ‘How would you like to show your clients how they can pay off their mortgage and half the time without changing their spending and the interest rate doesn’t matter? This didn’t seem possible; however, upon closer review, Dennis saw that what he was saying was true; however, it wasn’t clear why it was true.

Dennis uncovered the ‘secret sauce’. Finance professionals such as CPAs, MBAs, bankers and, investment advisors aren’t taught how this simple tool can be used to build wealth. The focus has always been on how this simple tool is used to deplete wealth. Dennis figured it out. And soon after, CashMap was born.

Dennis also learned that when people can see that their dreams can be achieved, they become motivated, excited to stick to their plan and marriages are strengthened. Dennis loves seeing people’s excitement as difficult problems are solved and new opportunities are realized.

The CashMap strategy will dramatically change your family’s financial picture! You’ll pay off debt faster, you’ll pay the bank less interest, you’ll dramatically increase the equity in your home and investment properties and you’ll have more money to invest.

About Dennis

Dennis’ skill as being the Financial Fixer and #1 debt relief and equity growth expert is driven by his passionate conviction that every household, regardless of income, race, ethnicity, or education level, should have the confidence that they really can achieve the events in life that will bring them the greatest joy. To move this from a dream to reality, Dennis has created easy to use motivational financial tools and coaching packages enabling people to quickly get out of debt, save thousands of dollars and boost your credit score.

Dennis earned his Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Hawaii, Manoa and has served in a variety of executive roles in healthcare and finance as Regional Chief Financial Officer, Vice-President of Operations, Director of Finance and Human Resources and Executive Vice-President of Software Development and Testing. He lives in Bellingham Washington with his wife Linda. They have three accomplished adult children.

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