Accelerate Paying off Any Loan – Part 5: Managing Your Line of Credit


Accelerate Paying off Any Loan – Part 5: Managing Your Line of Credit

This last video shows you how using what you’ve learned in parts 2 through 4 with CashMap Pro’s solution enables you to simply and safely manage your line of credit. You’ll see how month after month the interest savings grow. You’ll be ready to create your solution, begin keeping your dollars working 24/7 and begin saving thousands of dollars.




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About the Accelerate Paying off Any Loan series

Everyday, our financial institution uses our income to build their profits. How do they do it? They use our money that sits in our checking and savings account as collateral to borrow money and invest it. In today’s market, we’re paid a meager .1 percent.

How about turning the tables and using the bank’s money to build your wealth and save thousands of dollars? It’s doable by simply and safely using a line of credit and your income to save yourself thousands of dollars interest payments.

The five part video series, ‘Accelerate Paying Off Any Loan’, that takes a household with a 30-year mortgage of $375K, earns $160K annually and has just under $500 each month after all their bills are paid to pay off the mortgage in 15 years saving $107K in interest and in 15 years, grow their savings to over $85K. The software application, CashMap Pro, is used to create the scenario and the simple solution.

There are two simple techniques that are used to achieve these results: First, a line of credit is exclusively used to make additional principal payments to the mortgage. Additional mortgage payments save you from paying interest. Second, the line of credit’s average daily balance is kept low. This minimizes the interest owed on the line of credit.

Applying these two techniques keeps your dollars working 24/7 enabling you to use the bank’s money to save you thousands of dollars and grow your savings. Parts 2 through 5 walk you through the steps to simply and safely use this strategy.

About the Author

CashMap’s creator, Dennis Williams, earned his MBA from the University of Hawaii and is the Executive Vice-President and General Manager responsible for software development and testing at Smith Technologies LLC.

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