An Easy Way to Peek Into Your Future!


An Easy Way to Peek Into Your Future!

Looking at things from a different angle is great; however, you find numbers intimidating. What if you could plug in a couple of numbers and see how much money you’d have in 15 years?

Start simple and you decide the level of complexity.

You want a simple budget? Just enter your total household income, payments on one or more loans and enter the total for the rest of your household income. Your budget is done.

Next, enter when you’ll receive your income and assume you can pay your living expenses at the end of the month. You’re ready to see the impact of making the most of your average daily balance.

Select the loan payment you’d like to quickly payoff. See the date the loan will be paid in full, how much you’ll save in interest and the future amount of your savings account.

Just like that you’re done! You can do this using an iPad application called CashMap. It’s a finance application available exclusively on the iPad. (I hope to expand is availability in the future.) You create your scenario. CashMap gives you the answer. I call the scenario that you’ve created a CashMap. To learn more visit our website at and sample a few CashMaps.

There are three parts to CashMap – financial interactive educational section, a budgeting section and CashMap Pro. Use CashMap Pro to create your scenario and see your future. The educational and budgeting sections are free. CashMap Pro is a one-time cost of $349.99. When you purchase CashMap Pro, I’ll provide you with a free 90-minute consultation to get you started. We’ll cover the full range of questions from using the software to understanding how to talk with your banker. Download this easy to use tool that will give you financial vision into your future.

For your convenience, you can e-mail or save your CashMap and your budget scenario.

When you’re ready to dig in deeper, you’ll have the flexibility of adding detail to your scenario. In future posts, I’ll create scenarios demonstrating the flexibility of CashMap Pro.

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