Expect Budgeting to Create New Opportunities


Expect Budgeting to Create New Opportunities

In life, we regularly face situations that test us. Our choices reflect what we believe impacting that path we choose and the results we experience. Our choices reflect what we believe. I’m not saying that environment does not impact us. The right choice to an event outside of our control can strengthen us and bring joys we could have never anticipated. Unfortunately, all too often we make decisions not realizing that we could have made another choice.

Roy Osing Eloquently Shares the Power of Attitude

Last week, Roy Osing, the former Executive Vice-President of Telus and author of Be Different or Be Dead, sent me the link to his article, ‘Old Leadership is Out’ that was published November 12th in The Globe and Mail. He highlights how an executive randomly walking through their department can evoke two entirely different reactions from his staff. What made the difference? Belief is expressed in our attitude and demonstrated by our actions. I encourage you to read his article and by his book.

One manager has an underlying belief of distrust while the other’s attitude I marked by trust and a strong belief in the abilities of his staff. A trusting manager honestly wants to help. The same action of walking through a department evokes two very different reactions from employees. The employee’s reactions impact the company’s productivity and its ability to respond quickly and appropriately to environmental threats and opportunities. The effect is company profits. The company’s profit is the result – it’s never the problem.

Too often our focus is misplaced. We fail to challenge our beginning assumptions – our underlying beliefs. This is where we need to begin.

Your Beliefs Can Create Successful Budgeting

For those of us who share our dreams and our finances with someone, what are our assumptions? We are two individuals with very different backgrounds and temperaments sharing a common dream. Either we will arrive together or not at all. Achieving and celebrating the dream is dependent upon encouraging, growing and moving at a pace both of us embrace. One moving faster than the other means we won’t arrive together.

Your journey is as important as your goal.

The hallmark of successful budgeting begins and ends with common belief and attitude. It enables give and take learning process. Knowing that with each succeeding month, there are lessons waiting to be learned that will enable you to find lazy dollars, adjust your dreams, be receptive to being held accountable and communicating constructively. Whether your impulsive or you’re the budgeting technocrat, there’s a challenge and an opportunity waiting to be discovered. A lesson to be learned that will sweeten the day your dreams our achieved.

Successful budgeting begins and ends with this belief. Anything less will be painful experience that can tear apart two people who began their journey with the greatest joy, the loftiest dreams and the best of intentions. A passion to learn, a passion to share and a willingness to listen will enable you to choose and harness effective tools to make your journey smoother.

Within a receptive and constructive framework, you will celebrate more often. You’ll make your journey easier by using CashMap, eliminating your lazy dollars and using your line of credit. Inevitably, there will be times when fear will attack and mistakes will be made. The difference is that with consistent persistence and the right set of tools, you’ll identify your challenges sooner, assess the situation more clearly and successfully make the appropriate adjustments. The power of compounding will inevitably move you toward your dreams.

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