Boost Your Cash Flow Quickly and Easily


Boost Your Cash Flow Quickly and Easily

My Friends Budgeting Dilemma

While visiting friends, my wife and I were sucked into a discussion about their family’s finances. Awkward!!

Our friend began complaining that she was having difficulties making ends meet. She was really frustrated. Her husband wasn’t giving her enough money. He gently reminded her how important it was that they put a few dollars aside each month so they could achieve their future goals. His gentle response was met with a stronger push back. She wanted to use their annual federal tax refund as their way to save. They both were looking at me for support. What’s the right thing to say and not put my foot in my mouth?

I explained that I never want an IRS refund. I prefer to pay a small amount to the IRS. My response shocked them both. What I said sounded crazy. Now I really had their attention! I then asked, “Why would you let someone else use your money interest free?” I jokingly suggested, “If you want to make a donation, why not give your extra dollars to the Williams Fund for Better Living?” They both understood my point.

I directed them to the IRS’ Withholding Calculator and showed them how easy it was to calculate the correct withholding amount. Our friend went to work the next day and filed a new IRS Form W-4. His employer had never seen a withholding number so high. By adjusting their tax withholding, they had created a win-win solution. They now had enough to meet their monthly expenses while still meeting their savings goals. When tax time came the next following year, they were pleasantly surprised to discover that they had accurately completed Form W-4 and received a very small refund.

My friend’s attitude is the norm rather than the exception. Forbes contributing author, Kelly Phillps Erb, gives similar advice and cites the average IRS refund in 2012 was almost $3,000. She also stresses the importance of keeping your money working for your benefit all year long.

Couldn’t you use an additional $250 each month toward achieving your dreams? Get started ask your employer for IRS’ Form W-4 and increase your tax withholdings. For a bit of additional help, check with your tax professional. They will be able to assist you with completing the form. If you’re like me and want to see just how easy it is to do this on your own, watch my YouTube video, ‘Boost Your Cash Flow’.

Even though it’s September, it’s not too late to get started. You’ll have three months of increased cash flow and your 2014 refund will be smaller. For ideas on making the most of your refund, Forbes Staff Writer, Ashley Ebeling provides six great uses.

Greater Cash Flow Brings Faster Results

Remember, the greater your cash flow, the more you have to achieve your goals. Using CashMap’s strategy, you’ll have more dollars to leverage to use your bank’s dollars to either pay down debt or boost your investment returns.

Ready to start your journey towards financial freedom? Get started today!

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