Big Surprises Come in Small Packages


Big Surprises Come in Small Packages

I Hate New Year’s Resolutions

Growing up, on New Year’s Day my father would have us write down our New Year’s resolutions. I dreaded this. It spoiled my birthday. (Yes, I’m a New Years baby!) I came to see this as an exercise in futility. Do you have a similar experience?

Small Changes will Impact Your Wealth Building

Early in my career, I had a supervisor that gave me advice that has served me well. John, it’s the little things rather than the big things that will have the biggest impact on my life. Too often we overlook this fact.

Whether we’re learning to play an instrument, training our children, managing our weight or saving money, this principle applies. I’ve embraced two phrases that keep me focused daily on doing the little things: ‘Small changes bring big results’ and ‘Consistent persistence’.

Take Small Steps – Know What Motivates You

Too often we create a list of changes that are either too many or too big. This is a recipe for failure. Identify no more than two or three small changes. Know the positive impact these changes will have on your life. Know what you want to achieve. Ask yourself how you’ll feel if you don’t achieve it. You now have a purpose.

Consistent Persistence

Consistent persistence – it drives the decisions I make. This is the sixtieth article I’ve written. Why? I have a dream to see people building their wealth faster than they believed possible. Achieving this dream means taking one small step at a time. I focus on the one small step I need to make today. Today is all I have. Tomorrow there will be another step. In March 2013, I couldn’t imagine I had enough content to write sixty articles. I look back and am amazed.

Consistent persistence repeated becomes a system. Consistence persistence repeated becomes a habit. I started slowly and got better with time. Having a purpose and identifying the step I would make today made the difference.

Begin Saving Thousands of Dollars Today!

I don’t look back to create guilt. I looking back to identify the one or two small steps I can take that will take me one step closer to achieving my dream. Tomorrow, I know what I’ll do and when I’ll do it.

Most of us know what changes we need to make. Keep it manageable. Don’t bite off too much. You can always add a couple more steps later. Your first step may be to file the receipts you purchase, it may be tracking credit card purchases like they are cash or it may be drinking one less soda. Repeatedly completing these small steps will make a big difference. John Selk wrote a great article in the April 15, 2013 edition of Forbes Magazine titled ’Habit Formation: the 21 Day Myth’. Dan Kennedy, a business coach, wrote an excellent article in the December 20 issue of Entrepreneur magazine titled ’Why Self Discipline will Make You Unstoppable’ I hope you enjoy these articles.

Happy New Year!

Ready to start your journey towards financial freedom? Get started today!

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