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In this live 1 hour demonstration, see how you can safely copy what banks have been routinely doing for years. Cost is $49.95

  • Pay off debt in half the time;
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This isn't a Multi-Level Marketing 'Get Rich Quick' Recruitment 

During This Live Demonstration, You'll Discover

Learn a simple 3 step process to create doable action plans that you and your spouse will get excited about. 

Two easy steps when will keep your money working for you 24/7 and pay off debt in half the time.

Safely use for your benefit a simple strategy banks consistency use that will save you thousands of dollars. 

Meet The Creator of CashMap


Creator of CashMap, the smart money tool that shows you how to keep your money working 24/7, gives you a peak into your future and gives you the confidence that you can achieve the life events that are most important to you.


Dennis Williams is a creative outside of the box thinker. He's taken a simple financial tool to create stunningly effective solutions not taught in professional financial programs. 


Dennis is married, has three adult children and lives in Bellingham, WA. He earned his MBA from the University of Hawaii and has over 25 years of executive experience in finance, software development and human resources.


As a former banking executive, I spent over 25 years in the business. I knew about the average daily balance; however, no one taught us the impact it has on how we manage our money. This strategy has saved my husband and me thousands of dollars. 

“The impact of CashMap has been transformational. We’re on track to pay off our mortgage and all our debts in just 12 years and we’ll save over $250,000. The value of what we’ve learned is far greater than the cost of the course.

Ray and Joanna Jackson

Honolulu, Hawaii

CashMap helped me clarify what's most important to me and created a path to achieve it faster than I ever thought possible. It really opened our eyes! We will save almost $89,000 in interest and will pay off $199,000 in debt in four years.Watch my testimonial:


What are YOU saving for?

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It’s not magic. There’s no hidden catch. Use your bank’s money, not your hard-earned savings, to safely save more money and pay down more debt. Our clients have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars with this simple principle. Learn how it works with our FREE ebook Managing Your Lazy Dollars.