Greetings!  Thanks for your interest in learning how CashMap will enable you to get more for your money.

It's important to me that 'The CashMap Blueprint' is right for you. So, before you enroll, I look forward to meeting with you to be sure we're absolutely comfortable working together. 

Here are nine reasons why my clients are confident and happy with The CashMap Blueprint. 

Reason #1: If within the first 30 days you're not satisfied, you'll receive a full refund.

It's exciting to witness the joy and confidence clients feel when they have created an easy to follow plan they know they can achieve. I know of no other software application that allows users to see the impact of a decision they are considering. The bottom line is if you're not impressed within the first 30 days, email me at and I'll refund your money. 

Reason #2: You'll have support to assist you in creating measurable doable actions plans. 

Actionable plans are the basis of feeling confident, excited, and happy that you are on the track to achieving what's most important to you. Up to two personal one-on-one visits are available to you to provide you the feedback you may need to create your measurable executable goals. These goals you will use to create your CashMap. There's no greater motivation for sticking to a plan than knowing you've got what it takes to achieve what will bring you the greatest joy and satisfaction. 

REASON #3: You will learn to safely use a line of credit as a wealth-building tool. 

You'll discover there's a wide range of options available. Understanding the key features will enable you to know the right questions to ask and feel comfortable speaking with loan officers and financial advisors.

REASON #4: You'll see how easy it is to create and save your personalized CashMaps. 

Step by step examples are provided enabling you to quickly learn how to create and save your customized personalized scenarios. There are no transaction costs or limits to the number of scenarios you can create and save. There are no limits on the number of loan scenarios that you can use. You will have access to all future product updates. I encourage you to take advantage of the one-time Plantinum Maps Lifetime Purchase option.

REASON #5: Each live session will be recorded and distributed to you. 

Following each session, you'll receive the recorded session and the materials that were presented. As sessions are updated, you also will be given access to these materials. This gives you the flexibility of reviewing the material repeatedly, applying it and, asking additional questions. If for some reason, you're unable to attend a session, you know you'll have access to the session and accompanying materials. 

REASON #6: You will have confidence that you have the tools to assess and see the future impact of a decision before moving forward.  

In addition to having access to CashMap, you'll have continued free access to 'Create Your Own Line of Credit Scenario', an Excel worksheet I developed that gives you day-to-day detail simulating the first few months of your solution. You'll use this tool before going live. You can use the Excel worksheet to create your own scenarios and see the impact of an endless set of scenarios that you can create. My goal is for you to feel confident and master the strategies that will be shared.  

REASON #7: As the Creator of CashMap, you're not working with a third-party vendor. 

You'll have the confidence your questions will be answered quickly and know how to use CashMap to meet your needs. You'll also have the benefit of my experience managing a software development and testing enterprise. 

REASON #8: You will be leveraging 25 years of executive experience coaching and building collaborative high-performance teams. 

Effective coaching requires being authentic, transparent, and building trust. You can expect that I will consistently apply my years of coaching to ensure you learn the skills needed to effectively keep your dollars working 24/7 to achieve optimal results. 

REASON #9: You have ongoing support to get your questions answered quickly enabling you to create and modify your personal scenarios that you will use to keep your dollars working 24/7. 

Twice each week, there are Q&A sessions to get answers to all of your questions. You will also participate in a growing community that shares the benefits and new tips they have learned. 


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