From Uncertain to Accomplished:

A Podcast 

Podcast: From Uncertain to Accomplished

The podcast, 'From Uncertain to Accomplished' brings actionable insights that create dramatic transformation in your organization and in your personal finances. Easy and repeatable actionable steps are presented along with the expected results. Results you will have thought to be seemingly impossible are achievable sooner than you ever thought possible. 

About our audience

Our audience is a mix of individuals that are focused on making dramatic yet simple changes in the way they manage their finances and professionals interested in transforming their organizational culture creating high performance collaborative teams focused on exceeding their company's performance objectives. 

What's in it for you. 

Because of our minimalist format, you’ll be spending less than 30 minutes being interviewed. We transcribe all interviews and create blog posts that are posted both on our website and on Medium. In addition to being published on our podcast, the interview will also be posted to YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. All of these will create long lasting backlinks to your chosen landing page.

About the format

From Uncertain to Accomplished uses a 7 minute format. You'll have 7 minutes to answer 7 questions with webcams on!

  • Who is your ideal client?
  • What is the problem you solve?
  • What are the typical symptoms people experience with that problem?
  • What are the common mistakes people make when trying to solve that problem?
  • What is one Valuable Free Action (VFA) that the audience can implement that will help them solve that problem?
  • What is one Valuable Free Resource (VFR) that you can direct people to that will further help with that problem? (this is where you nominate your landing page)
  • From all your years of experience what is the most Valuable Free Tip (VFT) that you can give people?

about Dennis Williams Jr.

Dennis is the creator of the innovative finance application, CashMap, and the accompanying eight week coaching class, The CashMap Blueprint, that enables user to create personal scenararios giving them the vision and the accompanying solution of seeing the short and long-term impact of: compounding, keeping their money working 24/7 and, spending and income choices the user is considering making. 


Dennis has 25 years of executive experience in finance, software development and testing and human resources. He loves creating high performance collaborative teams. He earned is MBA from the University of Hawaii. 


What are YOU saving for?

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