Create Your CashMap Blueprint

In this live demonstration, see how you can use can also take advantage of the strategy used by big business to quickly pay off debt without changing your spending giving you the confidence you are able to fund your kid's education, live where you want, or retire early.

During This Live Demonstration, You'll Discover

A simple step enabling you to create and stay focused action plans achieving what brings joy. 

Two easy steps when consistently followed will keep your money working for you 24/7.

Use to your benefit the strategy banks consistency use and save yourself thousands of dollars. 

Meet The Host


Creator of CashMap, the finance app that shows you how to keep your money working 24/7 and gives you a peak into your future showing you how and when you'll achieve life events that are most important to you.


Dennis Willias is a creative outside of the box thinker. He's taken a simple regularly used financial tool and used it to create stunningly effective solutions not taught in few if any professional financial programs. 


Dennis is married, has three adult children and lives in Bellingham, WA. He earned his MBA from the University of Hawaii and has over 25 years of executive experience in finance, software development and human resources.


As a former banking executive, I spent over 25 years in the business. I knew about the average daily balance; however, no one taught us the impact it has on how we manage our money. This strategy has saved my husband and me thousands of dollars. 

Dennis earned my trust giving me the insight to break psychological barriers removing a big weight off my shoulders. This empowered me to make small changes that had a huge impact that will save me over $42,000 in interest.

CashMap helped me clarify what's most important to me and created a path to achieve it faster than I ever thought possible. It really opened my eyes! I will save almost $89,000 in interest and will pay off $199,000 in debt in four years.


It’s not magic. There’s no hidden catch. Use your bank’s money, not your hard-earned savings, to safely save more money and pay down more debt. Our clients have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars with this simple principle. Learn how it works with our FREE ebook Managing Your Lazy Dollars.