The Quandary of Financial Advisors and Bankers


The Quandary of Financial Advisors and Bankers

Can Banks Make Bigger Profits by Coaching Customers to Use Their Line of Credit Wisely?

You asked the question, ‘Won’t a bank lose money if they taught consumers how to use a line of credit to get out of debt, save thousands of dollars and build wealth?

Let’s take a closer look. Let’s start by reviewing our current environment.

Why Does a Company Exist?

I’ll state the obvious. No company survives unless it makes money. To make the largest profits, companies work to minimize their expenses. We understand the importance of focusing on the bottom line. Focusing on the bottom line comes after delivering a special experience to the customer.

A company will thrive when it provides services that customers value. Who doesn’t like to feel special? When a company focuses on giving the customer a memorable experience they value, the money will follow. Let’s review a few challenges facing consumers and the financial services industry.

American’s Don’t Have Money

According to an article published recently by the Huffington Post, 75 percent of Americans don’t have enough saved to cover 6 months of living expenses. The URL link is: Are we willing to pay finance professionals to educate us? For many people, the answer is no. In my first post, ‘Budgeting-Yuk’, we saw the importance that our attitude has on our decisions. Unfortunately, many of us don’t understand that education pays off many times over.

Usually, banks and financial advisors focus on helping people who have already started saved money.

In my next post, we’ll touch on another challenging consumers and financial institutions. I’ll then answer our question.

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